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Marketing Strategy - Marketing For Today’s Needs

Aligning yourself with the market and customer lifecycle needs to start by understanding you and how your business fits into the broader ecosystem. Whilst some organisations have very finite and clear goals, others still require assistance in removing ambiguity and identifying the problem in the first place.

Whatever your industry, location, size, age, or stage — you need a marketing strategy that’s built with your business goals in mind. Marketing strategy involves high-level decisions that focus your efforts to achieve sustained profitable growth by finding, converting, and retaining customers.

Commencing with an initial discovery session, flexible in it’s delivery, to understand your business and desires, we then progress into deeper workshops where we can tap into the subject matter experts and related insights into your market, to help create an end-to-end strategic marketing plan that includes key elements of your unique value proposition and goal roadmap. All this is underpinned by elements of design thinking and organisational change management to ensure optimal inclusivity and accuracy in connecting your goals with your market.

Whether the problem is big, small, or unknown the same framework can be used to understand your business.

Product: Marketing Strategy

Market Research - From Theory to Reality

Launching a new product? Building a new program? Looking to enter a new market? Or just establishing a cadence in your position in your market requires insights that are beyond speculation and overheard conversations in the corridors.

By conducting market research, you position the voice of the customer squarely in the middle of your activities, and organisations who utilise market research can reduce risks connect with their audience and increase their sales.

At 4th Wall Connections, the familiarisation of connecting you with your market and the navigation of any trends or changes begins with research that design that includes management decision-making process, establishing the research problem and objectives, design framework, data collection, preparation and analysis, and report preparation that utilises elements of Primary market research (quantitative and qualitative studies) and secondary market research (analyst reports, competitive landscape, market sizing) to inform strategy and planning.

We also work with your internal teams to gain an inside-out perspective to cover a market research process that is relevant, accurate, reliable, valid, and timely.

Product: Market Research
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Marketing Program and Governance - Clear your Go To Market Path

If you don’t understand where a product or service sits within your business you risk wasting your marketing efforts return for little gain and have your customers still not being aware or misinterpreting your brand.

By following a mix of hybrid-agile and waterfall methodologies in developing a program, 4th Wall Connections will help provide that placement of where the internal ecosystems of products and business units co-exists with external partners and plug into the organisational planning at all layers from the immediate product to the portfolio, to the higher levels of the business unit and organisational mixes.

Whilst the Program can provide a framework and relevancy, all products need opportunities to progress and connect with the market. Go to Market (GTM) Governance lays the foundations that consider the complexities of an organisation whilst creating a path to market in the most frictionless and simplest way where all stakeholders can align their expectations within the bigger picture.

GTM provides the vision on where market segmentation and target audiences are receptive to your value proposition and messaging. By incorporating the voice of the customer at the earliest stage and into the education and behaviour of your teams, you have a compass that allows all stakeholders to buy into the journey that directs how product and portfolio teams can develop products, how they seek appropriate executive endorsement, how they test, make decisions into omnichannel or specific channel marketing, and overall input risk management and return on investment plans.

Product: Program & Governance
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Product Development - Purposeful Products

New products pump life into company sales, enabling the firm not only to survive but also to grow. Companies that lead their industries in profitability and sales growth get a large percentage of their revenues from products developed within the last five years and 94% of executives from those companies rely on innovation and product development structure.

When considering products to develop and market, they are can include hardware, software products, and with over 50% of products are in the form of services. They can also be a mix of Core, enhancing and enabling products.

Whether your business is looking to develop new to world products, new product lines, revision to existing products, 4th Wall Connections can enable your product development process from ideation to testing and launch with a clearer marketing message for your customers and internal stakeholders, improved certainty of return on investment and connect with your market.

Product: New Product Development
Taking Notes

Content Marketing - The Message

Content is King, and it is so crucial that the Content Connects with it’s audience.

Content starts with knowing your audience and where they are on the customer lifecycle. Is it acquisition and are they new to your brand? Or New to your product? Or they existing clients that you want to expand further into their portfolio? Or are they at risk of exiting and not being retained? Starting with the customer in mind, 4th Wall Connections manages to assist in developing the brief, digital and hard copy marketing content all the way through to the service agreement in support of where the customer’s decision-making stage is at.

You can tell your story in an end-to-end fashion or in a modular output of asset or piece of collateral that meets your customers progress through the funnel of awareness into action whilst retaining brand integrity and alignment with return of investment.

Visual Project

Project & Campaign Management - Progress & Reach

Smart marketing has expanded beyond than just having a lunch event or colouring in a few brochures, it’s about navigating an already complex market to ensure all levels of brand and product messages provide value.

To gain a greater level of understanding and acceptance and ultimately success in meeting objectives, 4th Wall Connections utilises a blend of various design thinking, agile and waterfall methodologies positions critical projects as part of any market program.

Whether driving new products to market or executing on a campaign, there are requirements for clear planning and milestones with the ability to track and pivot accordingly.

4th Wall Connections provides a transparent and accountable process whether your business is only conceptualising products or executing on a targeted omni-channel marketing campaign.

Product: Content Marketing
Product: Project & Campaign Management
Jogging Partners

Partner Marketing - Together is better

Marketing your message, can be costly in time and effort if the right channels are not leveraged. With a rapidly diversifying channel and splintered market segments, navigating the complex market ecosystem requires understanding and access to partners that might fulfill any gaps in its alignment.

By identifying and building relationships with key partners, 4th Wall Connections allows you to amplify your strategy, promote your brand and develop leads through indirect business channels.

Multiply your marketing capability with key agencies and partner marketing departments, cobranding and key program, executing on campaign activities, vendor-distributor core product marketing support in market development funds, product rebates and business bonuses.

Product: Partner Marketing
Training Session

Training and Enablement - Empowering all

So many organisations invest a lot of money and time into products, marketing campaigns across a multitude of gaps, where your intended message and expected returns never get beyond the front door.

4th Wall Connections approaches training, and enablement approach allows organisations to build those bridges that mitigate those gaps and clears the pathway that increases the chance of any messages researching it’s intended, recipients.

Consider, sales and customer service teams’ product and campaign training, management or  executive influencer communication, and partner or customer education.

Whether it’s providing thought leadership, strategic or operational requirement driven, 4th Wall Connections designs, delivers and assesses training and enablement landscapes to achieve shared goals with shared knowledge.

Product: Training & Enablement
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